kit a kid 4 school (kk4s)

This project was initiated in 2004 with the idea of assisting a few needy school going learners to acquire a school uniform. It came to us as a surprise to see the amount of learners who need such assistance.

It has since become a beacon of hope for many families every year. Thus far this project has assisted over 5000 learners (primary & high school) in the Western Cape. In 2007, two learners were adopted by a sponsor that took care of the educational & nutritional needs of the learners for a full year.

This project has two parts:

  • The Fundraiser Component

Various events are hosted throughout the year to raise funds towards the project, as well as the newly launched ‘Pledge a Badge’ Ambassador Campaign where we invite the public to purchase a badge for R20 in order to boost the amount of recipients for the Kit a Kid 4 School Project.

  • The Kit-a-Kid 4 School Handover Party

Beneficiaries of the campaign are invited to a fun filled party, and parents are offered various free information and services offered by a variety of exhibitors on the day.

The past success of this project was largely made possible by the financial support of the following institutions:

Rogue State Alliance SA/Switzerland - ABSA - Refresh - Fusion Worx - Community Development Foundation (CDF) - Jive - WebAfrica - Members of the public

Strike a Chord

A Celebration of Women’s Voices, strike a chord aims to create ongoing awareness of issues affecting women and youth in South Africa – and to raise funds to support woman and youth empowerment initiatives.

Our society has become accustomed to images in the media of what they should look like, how they should dress, what they should buy and the unattainable ideals of who they should aspire to become – often aligning entertainment with irresponsible behaviour.

Although these stereotypes are true for some, the media, due to sensationalism – often overlook the side of musicians that are hardworking, where gruelling hours are spent moulding their careers; how politics influenced the careers musicians and acknowledging that the same type of gender struggles faced in the workplace can also be found in the music industry.

With this in mind we will continue to highlight, celebrate and honour the struggle of women who contributed to South African democracy – and musicians who stuck to their ideals making music for the sake of artistic appeal.

In 2006 our sold out inaugural event raised R 20 000.00 for the upgrade of St. Georges Home for Girls in Wynberg, Cape Town. The event was boosted by the support and live performance of the International UK singing sensation Heather Small from the M-PEOPLE. This event forms part of PPP’s commitment to promote Gender Equality and to Empower women.

Readers Make Leaders

More info on this project coming soon


More info on this project coming soon