a few words about us

The idea for Party with a Purpose Productions came about in November 2003, after Chad Abrahams had a life changing experience. He and his housemate Keeno-Lee Hector invited their friends and guests to a house party and asked them to bring a toy instead of a ‘bottle’ or ‘six pack’.

“My bedroom was designated as performance space – and a dance area in my housemate’s room. Live performances and four DJ’s 4 were organised to keep everyone on their toes.
To my horror and surprise almost 300 people attended – and to my delight more than 500 toys were collected!
The following week I received numerous emails and calls to say what a great time everyone had – and how good they felt going home, knowing that they did a good deed for someone else.
I soon realised that there is a need in my generation: they want to give back and do good for society, but don’t exactly know how. The idea for social awareness parties was born.”
Party with a Purpose Productions was formally formed by a group of like-minded artists who realised the benefit of a more structured organisation. With no experience in the NGO/PBO sector, we soon saw ourselves achieving success with very little, and sometimes no resources.
The support of local Cape Town artists was, and still is, instrumental in shaping and growing the organisation to its current level of involvement in the community. We have been blessed to work alongside like-minded individuals and celebrities who contribute time, talents and creativity on all levels to make a difference.
Chad says that everyone, all volunteers and members have grown personally from their experiences – in spite of many sacrifices in the form of late nights and stressful situations. With our projects we have made a positive impact in communities riddled with drug abuse, poverty and many other socio economic problems.
It is a team that Chad continues to applaud and honour with respect because of their wholehearted dedication by volunteering time, creativity and skills on a non-payment understanding.


founder members

  • Chad Abrahams
  • Keeno-Lee Hector
  • Gama Bandawe
  • Shameema Williams
  • Bronwyn Van Graan (late)
  • Damian Michael
  • Christal Phala-Simons
  • Kim Petersen (late)
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