party with a purpose productions (PPP)


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Art and leisure in the form of parties and events are essential aspects of any society

In South Africa we have a proud history of mobilizing through art and bonding through party. The challenges facing our society are ever-changing, but art remains a constant platform for social commentary, mobilization and enhancement of social consciousness.
With this in mind, a group of like-minded Cape Town artists came together to combine the power of arts and the energy of partying to create a vehicle for social change.
Since our establishment in 2003, we have embarked on various campaigns to support women, youth and the needy – by collecting much needed educational resources at our events.
In 2005 Party with a Purpose Productions (PPP) formally adopted it’s constitution and registered as a Non-Profit Organisation with the Department of Social Development.

misson statement

PPP is geared towards the re-establishment and cementing of the family unit, the revival of the unique culture and artistic flair inherent in our communities to help bring about a socially accepted environment conducive to love, education, learnership, collaboration, interaction and ultimately Ubuntu.

our vision

The organisation aims to facilitate social development through sustainable and basic programmes/projects and events aimed towards simple achievable goals that make a tangible and lasting difference. All events and programmes are planned with the following aims:

  • Improvement of communication within and between communities by developing performance capacity within communities
  • The creation and development of innovative ways to communicate with youth while creating opportunities for youth to express and address themselves in a positive and uplifting ways to address their fears and concerns
  • Creating healthy and positive artistic trends for South African youth that offers viable alternatives and encourages social consciousness, reproductive health competence and opportunity
  • Encouraging and promoting empathy and volunteerism in society
  • The promotion of artistic freedom

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